Monday, January 08, 2007

Korean New Years

One of the benefits of traveling through Bagram so often is the ability to continuously meet people and experience things that you otherwise would not. For example, as one of our coalition partners, the Royal Korean Army has a small contingent of forces here. This year, my friend Matt was invited to the Korean New Years Party. I, being Matt's shadow when I stay for periods at a time, was also invited.

The party was interesting. Held in the church here on base, the whole of the Korean Army gathered to celebrate the new year. As we entered the church we were given a sign in sheet and then escorted to our seats. Although not an intuitive language, it was pretty easy to pick up on most of the content of the shows. The party was a conglomeration of skits and songs. Koreans take their Karaoke very seriously indeed.

Unbeknownst to me, Matt had agreed to perform a song. Having done this not just for himself, but for me as well. So we get on stage and Matt starts jumping around and going all out crazy as U2's Vertigo starts to play. We have a good time, but in the end we did not win the contest. . . but we did get a participation prize. I think that is like the 10th place ribbon.

Following the show, we joined the Korean Colonel for dinner at the Korean DFAC. The feast was fantastic and definitely served as a good break from this Army grub that we eat everyday.


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You should have asked Bill O'Reily his opinion on Submarine Officers making up the ground forces in Iraq and Afganistan. Or how the Navy is perfected the cloning process by cloning you so that they have someone in Norfolk and in Afganistan, well at least that is what is says on paper.

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